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Cardamom has a long history of being used as a medicine as well as a spice. Records as far as Greece shows the medicinal properties of cardamom has opened the trade routes between many countries as well. All across India, cardamom is used in many traditional cuisines and this serves as a base for many other spices in India. Cardamom is rich in antioxidants and has a lot of diuretic properties as well. Cardamom is one of the very few foods which completely safe for everyone. It has many health benefits ranging from better breathing to prevention of cavities. Visit our site for a best spices online shopping experience. Buy spices online and order spices online from our e-store to get the best quality cardamom, if not, visit the best spices store in Kochi to buy in person.


The king of spices is used uniformly all across the world, the sharp spicy flavour is enjoyed by many. Surprisingly it has many health benefits as well. Ayurveda texts show peppers as a medicine as well as a spice. It is high in antioxidants, which prevents premature ageing, heart diseases and certain types of cancers. It has many anti-inflammatory properties also, thus helps in preventing arthritis as well. If you are looking for pepper, you are already on the best spices online shopping site. Pepper has also shown to reduce the formation of amyloid plaques, which is known as the early signs of degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Buy spices online from our site for guaranteed best quality, if not, visit the best spices store in Kochi to buy in person.


Native to Indonesia but grown everywhere now through the year, clove has become a must have ingredient in many traditional cuisines from Africa to Latin America. Clove once was mandatory in China to anyone who wished to speak to the emperor and such is the rich history of this spice. Get the goodness of cloves from our site, the best spices online shopping choice for you. Clove although was classified as both a spice and a medicine, it is, in fact, the most versatile of all spices. They are used in curries, teas, sweets and even smoked as well, such is the versatility of this spice. As far as the health benefits are concerned, it can curb bad breath, improve liver functions, regulate blood sugar levels and more. Order spices online from us to get the best quality cloves, if not, visit the best spices store in Kochi to buy in person.

Star Anise

One of the most visually striking species, star anise is instantly recognized by its star shape and is used mainly in south-east Asia, the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. As far as the health benefits are concerned, it is one of the top names when it comes to plants with medicinal properties. It has strong antiviral properties, in fact, the cure for influenza and the swine flu has been derived from this spice. It has strong antifungal properties as well and is the primary component in many antifungal creams and antifungal medications. To get the best quality star anise order spices online from us, if not, visit the best spices store in Kochi to buy in person. Star Anise also has strong antibacterial properties and it can strongly inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria in humans and animals as well.  Visit our site for the best spices online shopping when it comes to Star Anise


Native to China and Indonesia, cinnamon is used everywhere in the world, from spicy curries to sweets and in preparation of chocolates too. You can buy spices online from our store if you are looking for the best available cinnamon. The medical benefits of cinnamon have been recorded for a long time in history. Cinnamon comes loaded with antioxidants, in fact, cinnamon is considered as the number one super food by many nutritionists. Cinnamon’s antioxidants have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and it can also be used as a food preservative as well. Cinnamon has been used to cure sensitivity and they can lower blood sugar levels with a powerful anti-diabetic effect. They also help inhibit degenerative brain diseases and prevent the growth of cancerous cells as well. Visit order spices online with PalmTree


Native to just one island in Indonesia, nutmeg is now used all across the globe for different uses. It’s used in flavouring packed foods, frozen foods and vegetables. Buy the best quality nutmeg, buy spices online from our store. It is used in tea in south-east Asia and used in eggnog in Europe and America. It is used to make butter in parts of Asia. So it is a common spice which is used differently by various people. It has many health benefits, Nutmeg is enriched with antioxidants such as essential oils, phenolic compounds and plant pigments. These antioxidants in combination can help the human body fight against long term chronic diseases.


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