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On 29 Apr 2021


Fasting during Ramadan is ritual and practised with prayers and deep devotion. It is important to take care of your physique during fasting. Drinking and eating have to be carefully observed to exclude dehydration and low energy levels.

The foods suitable for Iftar
Muslims all over the world break their daylight hours of fasting gathering together after sunset. The date of the festival will change all years owing to the backward lunar cycle. The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we socialize also affect the social gatherings of the season. Still, people observe Iftar at their home.
The food after fasting must include plenty of fluid loaded with nutrients like tender coconut water, fresh juices along with other foods. Let us ponder on each and recognise the potential benefits of nutrient-packed foods.

Plenty of fluids
To avoid dehydration, you can have plenty of fluids other than water. Coconut water, milk, fresh juices are some of the best options. But it is advisable to avoid fluids with added sugar.
Dates and nuts
Dates is a superfood with much importance. It is full of minerals and its fibre-rich content can satisfy the energy needs of your body after fasting. Buy Ramzan dates from our online store which are carefully selected and of high- quality. You can add them to salads, smoothies and oats. We also have a vast selection of nuts namely walnut, hazelnut, brazil nut, cashew and more.
Dry Fruits
Dry fruits also contain vitamins and minerals that make you energized and refreshed. You can buy Ramzan dates and fruits from our online store. We have all kinds of dry fruits and nuts to provide for your family. Incorporating dry fruits and nuts increase the wellness of your body during daytime fasting.

29 Apr 2021