The importance of dry fruits and nuts in iftar

On 29 Apr 2021


Iftar tradition during fasting differs from country to country. Dishes and starters are diverse but Ramzan dry fruits and nuts have a prominent place on account of their nutritional value. You can buy Ramzan nuts and dry fruits from quality vendors and enjoy sumptuous dishes with your family.

Eating during Ramadan
How to eat well during Ramadan has diverse answers. And to sum up, you need foods of high fibre content alongside other nutrients. It is true that like last year, many are going to celebrate the festival in this unique circumstance at their home. Covid 19 is looming over our head but the celebration must go on. Dry fruits and nuts are known as superfoods famed for minerals and fibre content. They also provide instant energy boosting glucose content in your blood. These dry fruits and nuts are blended with other ingredients to make nourishing dishes like salads, smoothies and others.

Dry fruits and nuts
During the fasting days of Ramadan, your body makes use of stored fat for energy. Therefore, it is important to nourish it with foods of great nutritional content.

Good quality Ramzan dry fruits and nuts give a soothing taste for dishes. You can buy Ramzan nuts from our online store. We ensure each dry fruit collection surpass quality and flavour.

Suhoor is usually a light meal and it is at iftar you nourish your body. And that must include fruits, lentils, oats, carbohydrates alongside dry fruits. Each dry fruit exhibits unique elements and does the nuts. It is up to you to select the best and use for a healthy lifestyle. The texture and flavour differ with nutritional content. We provide apricot, raisins, kiwi, almonds, dates, pistachios, cashew, hazelnuts, walnuts, dry figs and berries for satisfying your nutritional needs.

29 Apr 2021